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PRP treatment for hair loss

PRP treatment for hair loss is a very effective treatment for both men and women who have thin hair, have started to lose their hair due to various factors and for those who have undergone a hair transplant.

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma and is a 100% natural treatment without side effects. PRP treatment uses growth hormones from your own blood, without any additives. The growth hormones stimulate the stem cells around your hair follicles and cause them to expand, resulting in thicker and stronger hairs.

There is no risk of allergies or other complications as everything we inject comes from yourself.

The treatment helps to stimulate hair growth with the help of plasma with growth factors from your own blood which is then injected into the skin or scalp.

The treatment is preceded by a free consultation where our specialist doctor informs about PRP. You jointly review the expectations that exist and draw up a plan for the treatment.

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PRP treatment for hair loss
Time: 45 min, price DKK 2,700

Package PRP – hair loss 4 treatments
Time: 45 min, price from SEK 9,000

Package PRP – hair loss 6 treatments
Time: 45 minutes, price from SEK 12,000

Frequently Asked Questions

You get to meet our specialist doctor where you go through together what expectations there are, and set up a plan for the treatment. After that, he will take a blood sample at the crease of your arm, which he then takes to another room to spin, taking care of the blood plasma, which is then injected with a thin needle into the skin or scalp.

The PRP treatment can be knitted a little and be uncomfortable, especially if it is the first time you do the treatment. But usually it does not hurt much and takes about 30 min. However, certain areas of the face may feel a little more and the design is similar to filler treatment.

After your treatment, it is important that you drink plenty of water. You should avoid physical exercise the same day and the day after your PRP treatment. Avoid Ipren for 48 hours before injection the same applies to Omega-3. Avoid washing your hair 1 hour after your PRP treatment. Avoid alcohol 24 hours after your PRP treatment.

After treatment, a slight swelling, slight redness or tenderness may occur which subsides after a few hours. Even lighter bruises can occur at the insertion points, which usually remain a little longer and disappear within a few days.

With PRP treatment, you work gradually and set up a plan. How quickly you see results is individual, but we recommend doing 3 or 4 treatments at 4 week intervals. Then a follow-up is done after a further 2-3 months. Until then, new, stronger hair has grown.

PRP is the most natural treatment for your skin & scalp. There is no risk of side effects as it is your own blood that is used, the risk of rejection or allergic reactions is minimal. There may be some redness immediately after the treatment, but it subsides a few hours afterwards.

We do not perform PRP on minors, we have an age limit of 18 years. We do not offer PRP treatments to pregnant or breastfeeding women.

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