Beauty treatments for you and your self-confidence

Beauty treatments performed by doctors, nurses and dermatologists.

Skönhetsbehandlingar för dig

We take care of you with beauty treatments

We are a beauty clinic located south of south in the heart of Vårberg center. We offer the most in beauty treatments.

Our beauty treatments

Skönhetsbehandlingar för dig

Our most popular treatments

    Platelet-rich plasma treatment for hair growth
  • PRP – Skin rejuvenation SEK 2,000
  • PRP – Knuckles & Legs SEK 2,000
  • Microneedling SEK 1,295
    Tightening of sagging skin, reduction of scars, improves pigmentation. General skin rejuvenation that provides improved texture and color
  • Classic Facial treatment SEK 550
  • Facial treatment Luxury SEK 750
  • Chemical peeling (AHA acid) 630
    Usually recommends 2-5 treatments
  • Hydrodermabrasion SEK 900
  • Diamond Microdermabrasion SEK 900
  • PDT LIGHT – Light therapy SEK 800
    Ideal for acne prone skin, scars, pigmentation, rosacea and skin rejuvenation, 4-8 treatments interval 1 week are usually recommended.